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*White Gardenia* Citrus, Lily of the Valley, Aldehydes is an organic compound   White... 

Custom Handmade Scented Candles

Custom Handmade Scented Candles

Milena Candle/Go Green with Apricot Coconut wax enjoy luxurious non-toxic, vegan healthy... 

  • Aromatherapy products, stars have been used and loved for years. Never tested on animals. Candle/Go Green with Apricot Coconut wax with little bit of Shea butter. Enjoy luxurious non-toxic, healthy vegan candles kosher, organic. It's not just a trend; it's a way of life.

Moisturizing Candles

Wednesday's Child on FOX 11

Many years supporting

Wednesday’s Child, sponsored by the Freddie Mac Foundation, is a weekly television segment about adoption that helps find permanent, loving, adoptive families for children in foster care. On the website, one can view photo listings of waiting children.

In Los Angeles, each Wednesday and Sunday night on FOX 11 10 O’clock News, FOX 11’s Christine Devine profiles children looking for loving families to call their own in “Wednesday’s  Child”

Foster Care Hotline

(800) 697-4444

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  • I have been using her candles for more than decades.... can’t live without them. My clients asked me how come my place smell nice and yummy even tho I own boarding and grooming business... this is why �love her candles !!! And Milena is one of the nicest people I know �

    Asami Kuroki.

  • This is the Body Butter or Solid Perfume I recommended. Sage and Chamomile is the ONLY! one I’ve tried b/c it’s our favorite!! for almost 20! Yrs! I get TONS!! of compliments every time I wear it!! Just recently, in line at hospital for Covid Shot then again at the market Reach out to Milena with questions! She’s a beautiful woman and quick! to respond 

    Sherri Heinz

  • The absolute best! have been enjoying Milena Candles for many years now, and it’s always a sad day when i run out of these candles at my house. They are so beautiful and fragrant, but not overbearing. The scents are to DIE for. Everyone who comes over compliments them and how wonderful the house smells. These are definitely my “go to” candle for any occasion or holiday. I will forever be a Milena fan

    Brittany Fonseca

  • Her candles are the ultimate

    Phil Tinley

  • Complex fragrances , clean burning -perfect candles for this stressful time .Loving White Ginger Amber !!Vanilla Lace is perfect too!

    Leslie LeClere

  • Milena Los Angeles makes the most amazing high end quality candles .I literally crave the candles , everyone that walks in my house loves the amazing smell, we have a family joke we want to eat the candles that's how amazing they smell. This is my 3rd year and I will continue for many more using all products from Milena Los Angeles I will absolutely continue to order, and share with my family and friends and get the word out these are the candles worth buying. Thanks Again for an amazing candle.

    Tiff Markham

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